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Free Home Bible Studies

Why We Offer Home Bible Studies

At the Church of Pentecost we believe that everyone needs to hear the precious Word of God. Because everyone needs to hear God's message to mankind, we see that it is our role to "go out into the world" talking the Word of God to those that will hear.

We understand that everyone is not comfortable walking into a church service, or church building for that matter, when they first desire to look into the Scriptures. Some people may simply be unable to leave their home due to health concerns. It is for these reasons that we offer Bible studies in their home. Some may be able to leave their home, but don't want to go to a church service, for these people the Bible study can be held at the teacher's house. Because we see this as part of the commission given by Jesus to believers, we offer these home Bible studies free of charge.

Introduction Lesson
We start every new home bible study with the Introduction Lesson written by Pastor Bass. This lesson covers the plan for eternal salvation outlined in Holy Scripture, and shows how the believer must follow Jesus' example through the spiritual process of death, burial, and resurrection.
Search for Truth
Is a Genesis to Revelation study of the ways God has dealt with humanity through time. It helps you follow the promised blood line of Jesus through the Bible. This lesson gives an overview of some of the customs and historical circumstances surrounding instances recorded in Scripture.
My Father's House
This is an advanced Bible study for believers that are interested in moving past the basics of the Gospel. The study is presented in multiple parts and covers the subjects of righteous Christian living, faithfulness, Christian dating principles, and Biblical teaching on the family unit.
Home Bible Studies